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World Class Technician

All technicians have the unique opportunity to become World Class Technicians (WCT) through the training and certifications available from the GM Service Technical College (STC) and ASE training programs. The WCT program provides technicians with the opportunity to validate their knowledge and demonstrate their skills to their employers and – most importantly – to customers in all automotive service areas. They are the β€œone and only GM expert.”

Technicians achieve this elite status after satisfying the strict requirements for their respective Mechanical or Body area, which includes obtaining Master Technician Certification (MTC) in select areas.

Mechanical technicians achieve WCT status when they successfully complete eight of nine Master Technician Certifications in the Mechanical area, along with the accompanying ASE Certifications. Techs can choose to complete either Engine Performance or Diesel Engine Performance along with seven mechanical-related certifications. These areas are as follows in the chart below:

CourseASE Requirement
Engine RepairA1
Heating, Ventilation, and Air ConditioningA7
Steering and SuspensionA4
Manual Drivetrain and AxleA3
Automatic Transmission/TransaxleA2
Engine PerformanceA8 and L1
Diesel Engine PerformanceA9

Technicians who achieve WCT status receive a gift package that includes:

  • Letter of Recognition signed by the Director, Global Dealer Service and Warranty Operations
  • World Class Technician statue
  • World Class Technician toolbox medallion
  • World Class Technician patch
  • Downloadable certificate from www.centerlearning.com 

Should you desire additional patches, please contact the Center of Learning Help Desk at (888) 748-2687.

Once a technician successfully completes an MTC assessment, that technician will remain Master Technician Certified as long as he/she continues to achieve 100% STS annually by December 31 for the select area(s) in which he/she is certified. If a technician does not achieve 100% STS by December 31, the MTC for that respective area(s) will expire after 30 days and he/she will lose WCT status. Once an MTC has expired, the technician will need to achieve 100% STS in that select area(s) again to reinstate his/her WCT status. Technicians with expired MTCs do not need to complete the certification assessment again.

World Class Technician status is the highest level of achievement a GM technician can earn. To view a complete list of current World Class Technicians, by Region, click the link below. Please note that this list is inclusive of both dealership and other personnel (for example, GM employees and vendors). Congratulations to all the technicians who have earned this remarkable accomplishment!