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Dealer Benefits

By actively participating in the GM STC training program, dealers experience the following benefits:

  • More in-dealership training that minimizes time spent away from the dealership
  • A training website (www.centerlearning.com) that allows versatile, on-demand training management with a helpful “Path to 100% Service Training Standards” tool, student training histories, ASE certification status integration, and training reports for management, among other features
  • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty, based on more effective technician performance
  • Access to skilled entry-level automotive service technicians who graduate with GM STC course credits from the GM Automotive Service Educational Program (GM ASEP), the Shifting Gears Automotive Technician Training program, and the GM Technician Career Training program
  • Access to the GM Service Technical Automotive Readiness Training (GM START) program, which helps GM dealers recruit and retain service technicians by offering fundamental training in automotive technology